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The 2014-2015 Advisory Board
SVA is blessed by the support, guidance and friendship of a core group of men and women who serve as members of our Advisory Board.  Our two major annual fundraising events, Friends in Concert  and the Baltusrol golf outing, were created and are sponsored by the Advisory Board.

Officers of the Board
Chairperson - Michael Long, Managing Director, Prudential Financial
Vice Chairperson - Maria Pinho
Vice Chairperson - Kathleen Regan

Members of the Board
Geraldine Aine, Esq. 98

Suzanne E. Andrews, Esq., Investors Bank

Donnett Barnett Verley  -  

Director, Public Affairs and Corporate Responsibility,
Verizon Corporation

Tai Beauchamp ’96
Principal, Tai Life Media, LLC

Barbara A. Curran

Dana Dowd Williams

Lenore C. Ford

Mary Cruse Gannon ‘63

Hon. Thomas P. Giblin -
Assemblyman, District 34

Michael King
, A.I.A. - Einhorn Yaffee Prescott, PC

Ruth Lipper - Lipper Family Charitable Foundation

Kim Logsdon - Mathnasium

Gail Marino
- Century 21 Construction Corp.

Paula Marino

Mary Lawrence Norton '74

Carla Norris Bey ‘67

Maureen O'Hara -
Vice President, Wells Fargo

Meme Omogbai - 
Chief Operating Officer, The Newark Museum

Margaret Padovano,Esq.’64 -
Padovano Law Office 
Terry D. Pollin - Vice President of Operations,
Economic Project Solutions, Inc.

Kevin Quinn - Vice President, PSEG Services Corporation

Sr. Joan Repka -Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth

John J. Scally, Jr., Esq.-  Wolff & Samson PC 


Rosa M. Silvestre Schmidt '74 - Rosa Schmidt Consulting

Gerald P. Sullivan -   Chief Investment Officer, Claremont Investment Partners

Mary Sue Sweeney Price 

Paul E. Thornton -
   Vice President - Development,
St. Benedict’s Prep

Joseph W. Walsh

Hilary M. Wandall, Esq. - 
Attorney and Corporate Compliance Officer, Merck & Co.
Junea M. Williams-Edmund, Esq. ‘96 - Law Office of Junea Williams-Edmund LLC

Jennifer A. Watson, Esq. - Edwards Wildman Palmer LLP

Karen S. Zimmerman, Esq. - 
Vice President and Corporate Counsel, Prudential Financial







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